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"Today I coded the final scene for Raid Over Moscow on Amiga (1M😎. The initial release will be out on Christmas day as a public beta, with download options for floppy, HDD and CD consoles with a few patches and updates (NTSC? Multiplayer?) after the fact to fit in a few features, fixes and polish that couldn't be done by the self imposed Christmas deadline.

I have to thank Amiga legend Adrian Cummings for creating the original artwork and sharing with the community, the amazing musician Simone Bernacchia for conjuring up an atmospheric OST that invokes 80s cold war paranoia films, and the extremely multi-talented John Tsakiris for lending his support to virtually every area of the game.

Really looking forward to finally getting this out there!"
Amiga Disrupt was launched on thursday, incept date 20.12.2019
FYI: The size of the header image for a group, is 900 x 200 pixels. I spent some time finding those simple numbers because its quite frankly un-documented by the author. So I had to find the element in the browser and then grab the values there (which were 898x128). Either way, if you have a group and want a logo / head that looks normal -- those are the values you must use
Damn this looks wicked! From our lads down under!
#offtopic #ITNews A sad day in computer history. Chuck Peddle, creator of the 6502 and Commodore 64 (etc), has passed away. Rest in peace, and thank you for an epic childhood 😢 He apparently passed on the 15th, just found out today.
ジェイソン: Fuck I want that!! It’s beautiful 😍