All hail dizen uberCockmaizter Suckerbeg!
So are all norwegians funny and weird, and handy with an axe? Lets find out 🙂
Robo-vac. This image is from a Whirlpool 'Miracle Kitchen of the Future' display at the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959.
She tore a hole in our universe. A gateway to another dimension. A dimension of pure chaos, pure evil.
Hm. Norwegian researcher puts forward evidence that Corona was man made. A so-called "gain of function" test.
Ok, so i got the latest block based scrollbox and listbox over to amibian.js. its still slow due to how Smart deals with construction, but definitely an improvement over the older version. Fixed a bug where the system menu layout was not preserved. So think we are good to start doing the fileAPI calls now. One by one, until we got everything.
The Expanse, season 4! Love it!
Robert: You got my hopes up that a season I have not seen was released. My second favorite SciFi after BSG Reimagined.
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Love it. It has that suspension of disbelief vibe, since they have tech that is not too far out there. Really hoping for season 5, that universe got a lot of potential
Robert: I have had two videos from major youtubers get yanked in the middle of their live broadcast in the last week. This is real oppression.
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Its just off the map. I mean, what the hell is going on over there
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Damn, now thats a booty 🤟
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: When in rome 🤣