Robert: Photoshop/AI. No way she’s real. 😉
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Sometimes you see women so gorgeous that they defy belief..
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Mark Casteleijn: I found your original FB post and added its text to my site promotion on
We just passed 200 active users! 🔔✌❤
Peter Michaels: great job JA!
Mark Casteleijn: Its all looking very cool!
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: @pphammer : If you dont have a vampire, i strongly urge you to get one. The Vampire V4 stand-alone is shipping now, and while it does set you back $600-ish, consider the speed, high-quality graphics, sound and most importantly - ease of use. The memory and RTG (32, 24, 16, 15, 8 bit graphics mode in high res) alone is worth the investment. But you also get speed never experienced under 68k before. Right now it outperforms playstation 1 on all fronts, which is a milestone considering the development time here. I can only imagine what Vampire V5 and V6 will look like. Had they used a beeffier FPGA chip, it would deliver Intel i5 performance .. which is just mindblowing
Peter Michaels: Im chuffed with the V600 very impressive
Mark Casteleijn: Would love to put one in my A2000! Still unsure what to do, ie; go for the V4 etc! I never went the A2000 route as I had messaged “ Majsta “ way back in the early days and he was “very” concerned that it would not work at the time!