In these times its important to wash you hands people! Stay clean!
Bad Taste: All I can say is... It's fucking cold in her bathroom!! Oh... and she has a great stack and snatch 🙂
Closing in on the finalization of the filesystem/taskmanager service -- man what a chore!
Steve E: I wish they would support the later ATI video cards. I have a HD7770 and a RX550 video cards, both are unsupported.
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Will be fun to see how it evolves on x86. Personally i think they should have gone for ARM. That would have made graphics support easier too, since there are only a couple of GPU standards (MALI being the default standard from ARM themselves). But i imagine that once they have everything up and running on x86, that supporting various cards will be easier. There are a lot of driver code out there, especially for Linux, so they will no doubt expand their range once safely over
Steve E: I really would have wish they would have gone the ARM route as well. x86 is a good, but there's something about the ARM processors. They're proliferating the SBCs, they're inexpensive. Talk about getting AOS or MOS out to the masses. That's the way do it! Inexpensive, yet great hardware, coupled with the OS4 or MOS.
Wow, 39 japanese that never got laid 🤣🤣
Rocking the file-read cluster API function for Amibian.js
Ethernet is coming for the Vampire V4SA! 💖
Steve E: I have a MiSTer. It's an awesome piece of hardware. I really wish the Minimig core was farther along. I'm talking Vampire levels of advancement. The potential is in the hardware. I would consider dumping all of my classic hardware for a fully decked out MiSTer replacement.
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: Exactly. Its a wonderful kit with loads of power and potential. I was a bit sad that they dont seem interested in evolving the cores. I tried to get some status info on this yesterday, but the group is much like other amiga groups -- people will just ridicule you if you dont like what they like, call you name, nitpick.. so i just said fuck off and left. Great shame, a lot of work has gone into it