Steve Dowden: A 'Widgie-Digit' (an old term I just made up. 😛
Brielle Harrison: Yeah...right. So question number one is, CNN*which* female locker room. And I’m pretty sure I’ve been in more female locker rooms than you. I’ve never seen this behavior. Not doubting it exists, but...
Jon-lennart Aasenden: So much weird shit out there -- pretty sure you can find worst around eastern europe
That sums up what this website feels about political correctness. Fuck off if you cant take a joke.
The miniature cities of BLADE RUNNER (under the direction of Douglas Trumbull, pictured here with the Tyrell Corporation)
The one positive side to this pandemic, is that you can finally live out your cyberpunk dream with some awesome masks
I fucking love this guy. Complete and utter chaos, then swosh -- brilliance! Love the energy 💖
As much as I despise Trump, I dont for a second think he is involved in this. Trump is guilty of one thing, gross incompetence. He is utterly unsuited for the job, which he has demonstrated beyond even a shadow of a doubt. Im sure he means well, but the dude is living in a fantasy world, and have no idea how life is for ordinary people.

But what we are talking about here, is a form of mass murder, a viral attack on the world that has so far claimed around 600.000 lives. That is not the American way. If America wants a fight, they let you know about it, before kicking the door down. China however, or to be accurate - the communist party (important distinction! The chinese people are suffering the most under that regime), has no scruples whatsoever about mass-murder. As long as it benefits them, they will turn a blind eye to the situation. I think Trump quite frankly doesn't understand what type of regime he is dealing with.

China is the oldest culture on earth - they had standing armies while we were huddling around in caves. Do not underestimate china - or the poison that is communism. Someone like Trump is utterly incapable of dealing with such a regime, because he will put money in front of principles every single time. He is the proverbial playdough in the hand of this serpent of a regime.

Trump did one thing right though. And that was to de-fund the WHO. The EU, UN and WHO is nothing but a money pot. It has been corrupted since the 80s and is now made up largely of chinese and saudi shot-callers. So whatever fair panel it once represented, that is long gone. And hopefully the de-funding will result in the rats leaving the ship so good, moral and principled medical research can be implemented.

Bill Gates is so far the only person on earth that has given China a fight. Sadly, people are idiots and don't see that Bill is actually taking on the medical establishment that is corrupt to the bone, in order to clean it up. They would rather listen to some imbecile on youtube talking fear and conspiracies.
yogiyang: From what little I know Bil Gates has put all his money where his mouth is.... If you observe he has infused capital in most of the worlds leading virology institutions that vaccine developers and manufacturers. And his philanthropic fund lend money to those nations which buy vaccines from company in which he has invested heavily.