I created an ADF that contains and installs DiskImageGUI software in a few simple clicks with all dependencies (only English given floppy size constraints). If anybody wants to give it a go and let me know of any issues, I'd appreciate it. Ping me and I'll pass it along.

@wotanica, I was going to upload the file to this post, but it won't let me select .adf or .adf.gz files. Please check the allowed filters.
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Will check, its set to handle zip etc by default i think? Ill have a peek!
Looking for some insight; for classic Amiga's on LCD screens, especially those on actual hardware, the typography is killing me. What is the best way to improve either font rendering or at the very least provide much better font support. I've tried several of the TTF solutions but none of them seem to work well. Thoughts?
Robert: I'm not sure I have an answer for you, but I am curious. Do you have a photo of what is killing you? I find that text is quite readable on my LCD displays, albeit they are connected to FPGA hardware.
dimebag: ive tried a few different things, the cms rgb to vga converter - gave me eye straign, the rgb to scart to hdmi trip, works well if you have a fast enough scart to hdmi converter, the 1200 innovision snap on card, - well, not really, it didnt land in one peice and lastly, i scored a old Dell 24 inch screen that has rgb!
Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it. Happy holidays to those who do not. 🎄🎁🎉
Cipher Diaz: Merry xmas!!
@quartexnor please take a look at the cookie issue not remembering us when you get a chance. Logging in every two minutes sucks. Thanks.
Cipher Diaz: Will do, been hectic here sadly
Cipher Diaz: Im thinking ill give you vpn access when you get home, im sure you can tweak this php stuff better than me. If you want ofcourse. Would love if we could team up on this
Raymond aka Tassel / LaBaN: @quartexnor How's the cookie issue going? 🤪
@wotanica can you post a list of groups that have been created? I don't see a way to search for a list of them.
ericgus: I Dont see a "view all" in groups in the search box.
ericgus: I can put a "!" in the searchbox followed by various letters / space and it seems to find various groups but there is no easy way to just seem them all listed ..
st0ker: Same issue for me. Can’t find any groups!
Anybody else keep pressing the remember me button hoping that this time, it will work?
cuzzins: I feel like if I don’t press it each time then something bad will happen. Like no one will remember me! 😂
Øystein De Lumeau: <- Guilty! :-D
ericgus: Yep and it not working for me..
Just waiting for all the boys here to get the fact that they can post girls on here without fear out of their system
Robert: Wait. Whaaa? You’re saying? 😉
Brielle Harrison: It was actually a gif of her rolling her eyes but the system failed to accept the animated portion of the gif. @wotanica how much can we modify this PHP socialize package? Give me some GitHub access, as a web engineer there’s a million and two things here I want to fix. Even enough to touch PHP again. Ick.
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Its a bought script so copyright sadly applies. But naturally, i might lose it - im so clumsy these days 😁 @nyteshade
Created a group for asking and discussing Amiga 68k programming questions
mahatma: Great idea.Hopefully it won't be as stuffy,and elitist asthe facebook group Programming the 68K
Methinks we all need to friend each other in order to see a semblance of a feed.
bouncingball: You'd think when you first join these social media sites would just show you public posts to get going instead of blankness. Lol
mahatma: This is a strange site me thinks
Cipher Diaz: Well its 2hrs old, so ..