Hey everybody how’s the Disruption going? Hope everyone is safe!
Cipher Diaz: All good 🙂
ColecoVision A/V Mod time !!!
ジェイソン: Sorry not Component... composite..
Happy Holidays Amigans, BOING!!
Cipher Diaz: Have a great one!!
Some exciting news about Amiga OS 3.2 development, officially from Thomas Richter himself, going through the updates on: Components, Startup, Datatypes, Expansions and Rom components ... Check the detailed information:
ericgus: 68080 support would be exciting news .. maybe one day..
ジェイソン: @ericgus hell I wish I had a 68080. best I have is a ACA1233n 68030 40 MHz 128 MB ram. Although I’ve continually put it off because I have to remove resistors on my A1200 to fix timing in order for it to work.
ericgus: Well soon the Vampire V1200 will be out and you can ebay that ACA for good..
Brielle Harrison: Hey Jason, 日本に住んでいますか?
ジェイソン: @nyteshade no I live in the states. I’m a US native I do love Japanese culture, music & food. I’m just using Kanji for my name for fun & outta love for Japan.
Anyone else here a MorphOS user?
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Over here!
Cipher Diaz: Maybe setup a morphos group?
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Wow! Still runs?
ジェイソン: No it’s in desperate need of repair the previous (deceased) owner had done a few mods that are no longer connected properly so I need a reference of what’s normal. My PET 8032 does however turn on but, half the keyboard seems to not work I plan on trying to eventually fix them but, they’re sorta low on the list.