@wotanica As a new comer to your world of Amibian.js can I ask if you could give a little guidance as to where to start? is packed with information but is a little intimidating? Not being critical at all but perhaps this new site "AD" is the perfect place to start a "beginners / Idiots" guide?
Thank you!
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: So far i have focused mostly on coding. A we finish off the baseline, i will take some time off to document each part. Right now there is no public access to the codebase (backers only), but the system will be available for download once we have tested it more
Mark Casteleijn: Thank you, oh.. thats a bugger! I was all keen to start! ;-) Looking forward to it very much!
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: While i hate to say it, we have early access for backers. So people that have backed the product have access to a special admin group, and take part in the debate and creation process. Also access to the codebase and can set that up. We absolutely could do with some extra funding - but i completely understand if its not possible. Everything helps, and the more backing we get, the more hours i can allocate out of my dayjob.
Share this with friends and new members, it doesnt take long to get your feed going 🙂
Mark Casteleijn: @woodsmic This is the info you need!
Something interesting. Write and compile pascal in the browser and download the Amiga executable.
Wow... totally blank social media platform! :-) A shock to the system and memory! Where to start! ...
Mark Casteleijn: Yes, thanks for the message about that on FB Jon, I missed that post!
Mark Casteleijn: Just a By-The-By for you, my comment was not intended to be negative in anyway - I was just surprised / excited by the "deja vu" - ish - feel of a blank totally new social media platform! I was amazed how different it felt to the forum we have setup! Very exciting!
Jon-Lennart Aasenden: No worries, didnt read it as negative🙂