Update on AMOS PROFESSIONAL X (new amos based on the opensourced 68k amos to extend AGA and other features)

Frédéric Cordier‎
AmosPro coding

[Updated] Amos Professional X is Getting good progress...

The area overlighted is the area that finalize the calculation for biplane shift. It used 16 bits words that can store value from - 32767 to +32767 to store biplane shift in word amount.

For a 1024x1024 screen, the maximal bitplane shift is 64 ( 64 words per line = 1024 / 16 ) * 1024 (lines amount) = 65536 words ... Due to that, data storage may be incorrect in big screens.

I have updated calculation to store 32 bits data instead of 16 bits ones and preserve the calculation sign (not visible in the screenshot, the two lsr.w and lsl.w (that were firstly replace by lsr.l and lsl.l, are now respectively replaced with asr.l and asl.l to preserve D0 sign)

I must now fix the 2nd part of the routine because it is splitted in 2 cases :

- draw at X = multiple of 16

- draw at X is not multiple of 16.

Final drawing methods are now updated too to handle 32 bits data instead of 16 bits.

Hope to release the next version with fix soonly.