Alex Schütz: Bamiga Sector 1 collection !!
Cipher Diaz: Holy hell, Bamiga had one hell of a collection!
After 35 years Fairlight finally properly cracked "Alternate Reality the City" !!!

One-side version, dang!
Uhuhuhuhuhhuhu.... aahahaahahahahaha... fake amazon dating site!
By the way... are any of you guys still in touch with Ben Hermans (Powerplant/Legend)?
I find his name mentioned at Hyperion Entertainment, and they're still doing a lot for Amiga it seems.....
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Isnt he on the OS4 team?
Alex Schütz: Yes I think so, but he never told me about it, and even back then he never talked about his Amiga activities to me, so I wonder...
Future composer in webbrowser ! You gotta love this :
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Nice! Will port over to amibian.js
It's so funny.... I just read a story on Quora. Someone asked there : "Why can't any programmer make a page like Facebook?" - and the answer was, basically, Facebook needed 13 yrs developer time, 300 Petabytes storage, and has more than 18.000 employees to basically just run Facebook.

Hahahaha. They urgently need to watch
Cipher Diaz: Lol. I cant take credit for the code, this is a bought prefab module. Tons of these about. It takes initiative, thats usually where it stops