Interested in helping the Vampire V4 Standalone? The first new Amiga 68k standalone 68080 FPGA motherboard!

Help the Apollo Team to decide where to go with
their new Amiga Compatible motherboard
Vampire V4 Standalone

This poll is very important. Its done in supporting the Apollo Team retailers and themselves.

What OS do you wish to be bundled with Vampire V4 Standalone?
Jon-lennart Aasenden: I voted AROS. While i love Hyperion and their work, i really feel its time for a fresh start. I truly hope the Apollo team get rid of the bugs that have haunted Aros, polish the UI and setup etc - Amiga really needs a fresh new start, and i am reluctant to bring the old owners along for the ride.
Michal Bergseth: It was Amiga retailers that made this poll. I just posted to help them 🙂 Thanks for the voting!