I’m sure you would have done it if you could, but I wish there were push notifications. I think it would make this site take off, and I would be in the know you know...

Not complaining, just saying.
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Well, this board is ultimately a bought pre-fab. So the best way to look at it, is that we have bought a house. We have a year to figure out what it needs, and also do some development on it. It will also be incorporated into Amibian.js, so the impression will be much richer once those two systems amalgams
FYI: The size of the header image for a group, is 900 x 200 pixels. I spent some time finding those simple numbers because its quite frankly un-documented by the author. So I had to find the element in the browser and then grab the values there (which were 898x128). Either way, if you have a group and want a logo / head that looks normal -- those are the values you must use
Think i have figured out why the "Remember me" checkbox is not working as it should. I believe i have to assign a key that will be used by localstorage (javascript cache storage for sites). I will experiment and see if we can fix this
Pedro Aguiar: Yeah, I also noticed this issue, any update?
Activated a new plugin, the "Dislike" plugin. While I strongly suggest you avoid using it, except when someone posts anything that violates our rules (and we don't have many except obvious, common rules that all humans should be able to follow) - i have installed it since it's a feature people have asked for.