I modified an old A500 back in 2014.
The box was so yellow that I chose to spray paint it.
The Amiga has a Rev6 board, that i have modified to an "A500+" with 2MB Chip memory.
The PCB/Board in the 68000 CPU socket is an A508IDE Fastmem board with IDE from Kipper2k
I Also used CDTV keyboard keys, because it was broken, and also mounted a Fan with blue light just for fun.
Cipher Diaz: Damn, those CDTV keys really is the frosting here - looks amazing!
My Amiga Pi. Needs cooling/heatsink, because it runs too hot.
Any suggestions how to cool down the arm-cpu?
Jon-lennart Aasenden: Get a quiet fan + small heatsink and it should be fine. You can power the fan via the GPIO pins
Raymond aka Tassel / LaBaN: Tnx, I'll try that 👍
Damn this looks wicked! From our lads down under!