OMFG.. Just swung by 4chan. What the hell happened! Havent been there since 2012, but now its chock full of neo-nazis, redneck holocaust deniers and psychopaths. And the new categories are so twisted it even freaks me out.

This is what i hate about social media. 4chan used to be super fun, and we did a ton of practical jokes (including starting what is now known as "anonymous"😉. Then around 2012 mainstream got wind of it, and the army of assholes started to invade.
I ended up leaving because the psychopaths that suddenly came out of the woodwork, was a whole different breed. What used to be just harmless memery suddenly became very dark.
Its the same type of crowd that turned twitter into cyber-bullying HQ. Same type of ppl that have 9 FB accounts to spew hate.

I figured they were gone by now 😪

Once a forum reaches a certain size the jokos come in. This is why the internet should never have been made mainstream you know. It was safe in our hands since you had to be tech savvy. And assholes dont have time to learn tech, because cross burning and living in 1456 mentally is just exhausting i imagine.

Ok.. now to wash my eyeballs in isopropyl.. jesus what a mind job..

Jon-Lennart Aasenden: ah cool. I reposted it earlier. Im actually surprised there isnt more R&D on the x86 version
yogiyang: You are right but for last three years it is not updated!
Ok, so i got the latest block based scrollbox and listbox over to amibian.js. its still slow due to how Smart deals with construction, but definitely an improvement over the older version. Fixed a bug where the system menu layout was not preserved. So think we are good to start doing the fileAPI calls now. One by one, until we got everything.
Wait, wtf! There was a CBM 116???? What!
Working on getting our new API up and running in the desktop client:
yogiyang: You interesting wallpapers in Quartex Media Desktop. Is it possible for you to share them? I am personally interested in the Ganesha wallpaper.