The miniature cities of BLADE RUNNER (under the direction of Douglas Trumbull, pictured here with the Tyrell Corporation)
Kicking it with Destiny 2. Sadly you can only hear me, since the others didnt allow recording -- but check it out, very cool level! Shame you cant hear tommy, the man is awesome.
A few people have asked me about the Ganesha background I use in Amibian.js. Since this is a recurring question, im posting it here for everyone to enjoy. Also remember that you can use google search to find images (google image search) even if you just have a partial. If you find this picture in higher resolution, then please let me know -- cheers!
Christal Laboy is the coolest online gamer. And damn hot. Check out her youtube channel
Boom! And just like that, we got "Open File At Cursor" and a few other nice features 🙂
Quartex Pascal Build 10

There was a nasty bug when you had JS and Pascal units open, then closed the tabs starting from the left side. This turned out not to be a a problem with the tab or editor code, but rather that the AST-Provider class for pascal was pushing references to the AST objects directly into the tree-view control. This reference counted the objects (but never de-referenced them), preventing them from release - and we had issues.

This has now been fixed, and the provider classes now produce a TASTReferenceInfo object for each element (in the unit Treeview), which holds relevant info and is disposed of by the Treeview when the nodes are cleared.

With the symbol info readily available, I added typical double-click behavior. So if you double-click on a symbol (pascal only so far!) in the unit treeview, it goes to the declaration position. This will be expanded later to also include the implementation section (e.g, if your cursor is at the declaration, you will go to the implementation if you double-click again. Two popup menu items will be added as well.

Also, the unit treeview shows information relevant for the symbol when you hover over it with the mouse. Its a small thing, but helps make the IDE informative and more friendly (IMHO).

In order to make it faster for the IDE to determine the content of a tab-page, I have implemented each supported filetype as their own TTagPage decendant. That way we can do fast testing like:

if (FPage is TIDEEditPagePascal) then

The code that kicks in when you switch the tabs have been made safer and smoother. Next is to get some visual elements on the designer. We now have a clear separation between pascal-unit and pascal-form. But just like Delphi's DFM files, the designer must save out any form design or layout as a second file. So making the designer spit out readable design-files is the first step now. After that, it's a clear path to getting the Widgets registered and a component palette established.
Ok that is an amazing waste of time. But awesome.
phibermon: This is why I became a programmer 😉