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      Welcome to Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center official website!



      Suzhou's first professional test-plantProviding the perfect solution for molding

      National Hotline:


      Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center
      Tel: 0512-57424958
      Fax: 0512-57420481
      Mobile Phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318
      Arrange contact: Mr.Fu  Mr.Pang
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com
      Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)



      Job Type: Technology / R&D
      Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender
      Work location: No. 118, Jinyu Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan

      job requirements:

      1、Engineering diploma or above
      2、3 years or more experience in injection mold debugging, experience in cable assembly is preferred
      3、General English literacy
      4、familiar with office software, CAD skills are preferred
      5、can effectively communicate with product development department, manufacturing department, inspection department and mold processor

      Job responsibilities:
      1、Responsible for the trial and judgment of new molds and maintenance molds
      2、Set and optimize injection molding process parameters
      3、support production to solve the injection molding problems encountered
      4、Responsible for the asset management of the mold, the management of the unaccepted mold
      5、Cooperate with product development department to analyze and solve problems encountered in mold development
      6、Cooperate with engineers to solve mold and injection molding problems in sample test and process improvement
      7、Technical training for manufacturing department commissioners and injection molding employees
      8、Other tasks arranged by the senior director of manufacturing engineering

      Once the above personnel are officially employed, they can enjoy advantageous salary, excellent benefits (five insurance, free working meals, etc.), and the company provides a good office environment and broad development space.
      Company website: http://www.amigadisrupt.com
      Resume delivery email: hfhuili-888@163.com
      ? 2016 Copyright: Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center
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      Landline: 0512-57424958 Fax: 0512-57420481 Mobile phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318 arrange contact: Mr. Fu  Mr.Peng
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)
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