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      Suzhou's first professional test-plantProviding the perfect solution for molding

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      Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center
      Tel: 0512-57424958
      Fax: 0512-57420481
      Mobile Phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318
      Arrange contact: Mr.Fu  Mr.Pang
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com
      Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)

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          Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center was established in 2005 in Kunshan, Suzhou region's first professional test-plant, is the industry leader in the region.
          The company currently has 80-1600 tons Haitian machine 15, with the relevant technical personnel 30, we have a 24-hour help customers test mode. Our company currently has a test mode auxiliary equipment, machine temperature, oil temperature, oil pump stations, shoots the rubber time controller, temperature control box, steam oven mold temperature machine ice machines, and other peripheral devices.
          The company and the Kunshan, Suzhou area of ??the company to grow mold in the process of experienced electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other mold tryout. Learn familiar tune molding machine experience common plastics, engineering plastics, high temperature engineering materials PA + GF, LCP, PPS and other special materials. The company has a customer service, Shanghai Jin of the third plant in Kunshan Hanyuan mold, Kunshan Zhong mind mold, mold Jetta (Nantong) Co., SRG (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Xun Long mold (Kunshan) Co., reasonable mold (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Tektronix mold, mold Suzhou-industry, Ltd., Suzhou Runhong mold and other mold industry leader. Our current customer service has more than 300 and is still growing.
          The company has experienced technical personnel die in the mold debugging process with mold defect solutions to our customers. The company formed a five-member technical team to provide technical support for customers forming mold and solutions, as well as the rear end of the mold to help customers transfer production when debugging, the company will provide free shuttle service within a regional context, the company's premium price from the company was founded has remained unchanged. Low price, high-quality concept of customer service. The company provides a dedicated meeting room, reception room, lounge to facilitate the work of customer review session.
          We are the first professional Suzhou factory test mode for ultimate precision manufacturing techniques to detect customer solutions!
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      Landline: 0512-57424958 Fax: 0512-57420481 Mobile phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318 arrange contact: Mr. Fu  Mr.Peng
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)
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