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      Suzhou's first professional test-plantProviding the perfect solution for molding

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      Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center
      Tel: 0512-57424958
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      Mobile Phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318
      Arrange contact: Mr.Fu  Mr.Pang
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com
      Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)

      Leader speech

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          Message from the Chairman----
          Ladies and gentlemen are you:
          Welcome to visit Welcome to Hai Fu Professional Mould Test Center official website if this can build better understanding between us, internet communication, friendship and cooperation, I will be deeply honored!
          A decade of hard work, years of trials and hardships. Haifu in the spirit of perseverance, perseverance and the will and courage of the spirit, from a single mold, the company developed into a set mold, injection molding, injection, silk screen, electronic assembly and other processes stop business. Suzhou has become the region's first professional test-plant, is the industry leader in this area! Situation Sea is its booming rich, impressive performance, the industry standing proudly in test mode. High mountain tire, tire deep water. Development of the plastic mold industry is unlimited. Supergrass very high winds, ice-breaking torrent Chung, changing the face of increasingly fierce market situation, I know the importance of innovation and management. Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force and enterprises to maintain a source of eternal development. I focus on innovation and the introduction of advanced technology, advanced equipment and new technology, new materials, improved product design structure. We are actively in the management of the industry at home and abroad to learn advanced management mode, strictly regulate the management. According to the company's development needs, the company organized to develop reasonable rules and basic systems, and processes various management matters including the type of tables, charts, company image specifications, form a set of standardized relatively stable management system, through the system implementation and continuous improvement, in order to achieve coordinated and efficient, orderly operation. At the same time the company for five management, business, manufacturing, engineering, finance and other departments to achieve a comprehensive information management to ensure efficiency and quality "double high."
          "Late spring in March, southern grass long" is exquisite spring amazing season, lead the majority of fascinating heroes die sector, the past mold future career prospects bright again, we will take the "to-heng, to this letter, strive to lean, service-oriented "guiding principles, with wisdom and sweat paved the road to success; with the credibility and quality to defend Admiralty tryout brand; obtain honor with integrity and cooperation; a reasonable price and service market with mold loyalty and righteousness pay suppliers all over the world friends; with the customers hand in hand for a better tomorrow!
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      Landline: 0512-57424958 Fax: 0512-57420481 Mobile phone: 150-51688963 139-62435318 arrange contact: Mr. Fu  Mr.Peng
      E-mail: hfhuili-888@163.com Address: No. 118, Jinsong Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan (Intersection of Yuanfeng Road, Jinsong Road)
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